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“He who controls the media controls the masses, so Godspeed the Honest.”

Vision: We are issuing an urgent call for creatives who are committed to excellence and integrity to arise on behalf of society. Godspeed exists to inspire, organize & coach a mass of culture-shaping creatives who will impact the world with their talent and integrity.

Who is it for? Godspeed is for creatives that are looking for a community, coaching and a platform where they can get resources, exclusive offers and receive creative work.

What is it? Godspeed is an online community, coaching platform & hireable network presented by Honest Media.

When will it be fully functional? Godspeed is still in BETA form and will be throughout the remainder of 2019. You can expect several upgrades as Godspeed comes to market.

Where will it exist? Godspeed is a digital community. Our facilitator team is based out of Minneapolis, MN. Godspeed will also host events in cities all around the world, giving the digital community touch points to gather to.

Why does it exist for creatives? The “gig economy” or “freelancing” is exploding at a record rate, and traditional education is also being completely reformed. Godspeed is stepping in to support this societal shift and empower creatives to succeed in this new setting with new and modern training formats.

Why does it exist for businesses? It is very difficult for brands to find talented creatives. Godspeed solves that problem by gathering and vetting a pool of creative talent. If someone is accepted to the Godspeed Network, a brand can be assured this person is in the top percentile of talent at their craft, and is a person with a track record of integrity and outward focus.

How does it work? Godspeed is organized into 4 tiers of engagement. Here is how the tiers work:

  • Community Level: This is a closed Facebook group but anyone can ask to join. At this level there will be community, inspiration, exclusive updates, events and clothing drops. Ask to join the group now:

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Godspeed The Honest is a brand, an experiment and a network of creatives who want to use their influence For Good, Not Gain. "Our culture is shaped ...
  • Network Level: Once you are in the Godspeed Community you can apply for the Network level. This level is for those who want to engage in the community on a professional level and be listed on our hireable directory. Acceptance into the network is not designed to be an easy process. We are serious about vetting who we align with so that Godspeed maintains the highest reputation for excellence and integrity. If you are denied acceptance you will be given 3 areas to work on and you can reapply in 60 days. Apply for the network If you are denied acceptance (or even if you are accepted) we recommend going through our online coaching experience GPFX. GPFX is a completely personalized experience based on zoom video conference calls with our core Honest Media Team. Learn more about GPFX

  • Coaches Level: Godspeed Coaches are people who we identify as leaders who carry valuable insight and experience to those in the Godspeed Network and Community. Once you are in the Godspeed Network, you can apply to become a Godspeed Coach, but most often acceptance into this tier happens by invitation.

  • Facilitators Level: Facilitators are partnering organizations that want to fully buy in, bringing co-ownership value to the movement. At this time, only Honest Media is at the Facilitator Level, but we know there are other experienced groups with similar expertise who may want to partner on nurturing this community and we are open to that potential.


 Ready to take your freelance business to the next level?

Freelancing is exploding in society especially among creatives, but many creatives are not ready to run their own business. That is where GPFX comes in.


Godspeed is a movement of creatives who are committed to using their talent For Good, Not Gain.


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