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Godspeed Network is an exclusive global network of the top freelance designers, videographers, photographers, and project managers in the world. Those listed on this network have been through a robust vetting process and are trusted creatives both regarding talent and professionalism.

As you explore the network and are looking to assemble a team for a project, speak with one of our talent specialists who can help you form the most optimized team for your unique project.

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Malea Bertsch

Marketer/Copywriter, Minneapolis MN, Malea Website


Brandon Triola

Creative Direction/Design, Franklin TN,


Emma Morem

Photographer/Creative Director, Seattle WA,

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Alex Melgosa

Commercial Photographer, Los Angeles Based,

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Rasmus Wardell

Filmmaker, Sweden,


Jeremy Hess

Photographer/Videographer, Lancaster PA,

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Sophie Boden

Design/Visual Art, Portland OR, Sophie Website

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Mathew Finley

Visual FX/ Motion Design, Atlanta GA, Steelfin Website


Jodie Jenkins

Illustrator, South Wales UK,

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Dan Zeller

Photographer/Videographer, St. Paul MN,

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Ken Jones

Videographer/Director, Minneapolis MN,


Dan Rippl

Videographer, Minneapolis MN,


Alex Kuck

Photographer/Videographer, Eau Claire WI,


Kenan Convey

Filmmaker, Philidelphia PA,


Todd Weller

Filmmaker, UK Based,


E Devin Vander Meulen II

Photographer/Designer, Japan Based,

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Alex Reimer

Photographer/Designer, Beaverton OR,


Owen Assman

Photo/Video/Design, Saskatoon CA,